Key Container Packaging: A Complete Solution

Packaging is not just a means of making your product attractive but it also provides protection to your item. Whether you’re the Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker – or in any other business for that matter – we’ve got the right boxes to optimize your packing and shipping needs.


Packaging is the most crucial element used by different businesses and plays a very important role in marketing their product. Another important purpose is that besides giving your product an attractive look, it also provides protection to your item at the time of export and import.

Key Container is always evolving, seeking new and improved solutions for your packaging needs. Listed here are a few of our specialty packaging options. If you don’t see what you need, just ask. Chances are, we have it.

Specialty liner board boxes – Perfect for packing fresh seafood, meats, poultry, produce and more. We source and manufacture an excellent, eco-friendly alternative to wax coated boxes. Our liner board boxes are water resistant, sturdy and secure for fresh or flash freezing foods for storage and shipping to warehouses or transporting overseas.  Dread the time-consuming chore of separating the wax from the box? Not anymore! There’s no wax to separate out, making disposal simpler and more environmentally friendly.  Our New England seafood customers (where the best seafood comes from, naturally!) love this new option.

Grease-resistant coated trays – Bakeries, we have your back. Gone are the days when corrugated trays were the only choice. Today, we offer a grease-resistant, safe coating for your bakery trays to securely hold your donuts, Danish, and other pastries. Savor the flavor of your delicious desserts and we’ll help you find the ideal way to package and deliver them!

Archival boxes – Our pH neutral boxes are perfect for libraries, college libraries, museums and others who want to ensure optimal preservation for their books and other valuable items. The boards we use are acid-free, strong, and won’t tarnish or yellow products. Our archival boxes are designed to preserve what matters most to you.

Customizing the right solution to your exact packaging needs. Our specialty!