Environmentally Friendly Alternatives for Boxes

Key Container Corp. is exceedingly invested in our environment. We have made changes to some of the ways we do business that will improve our GHG (greenhouse gas) footprint and help you to make better choices to help improve the environment.

For example, we are now running a new fuel-efficient tractor fleet. These new trucks burn cleaner diesel fuel, resulting in more miles per gallon, as well as less carbon exhaust.

The boilers in our manufacturing plant have been converted from oil to natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel available. By using natural gas we are reducing the amount of pollutants and greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

We recently completed an in-depth sustainability audit and received certification from the sustainable forestry initiative. The SFI 2015-2019 Fiber Sourcing Standard promotes responsible forestry practices through a series of precise principles, objectives, performance measures and indicators. These requirements for fiber sourcing expand the practice of biodiversity, use forestry’s best management practices to protect water quality, provide outreach to landowners, and use the services of forest management and harvesting professionals.

What does that mean for our customers?

We can now analyze your boxes and suggest environmentally friendly alternatives that achieve or exceed the strength properties you currently use. In fact, our comprehensive proposals are able to quantify the reduction in trees, solid waste, net energy and water consumption saved by switching to our suggested paper combinations. And we can print our unique SFI certification number on your box to display your company’s awareness and approval of these environmental benefits.