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Stock J Boxes

What is a J-Box? Besides being a good name for a band, a J-Box is different from its cubed counterpart. Wider, longer, these boxes are ideal for products that have odd dimensions.

  • The J-Box works for products not conducive to cube boxes, or if you’d like to fit multiple items in the same package.
  • We stock corrugated shipping boxes of all sizes to assist you when it comes to shipping products to clients, family and friends.
  • Ease of storage and shipping for personal and business belongings.
  • Our J-Stock boxes in different sizes are ready to go whenever you need them–we offer a variety of stock sizes that are always available, so that you can be flexible with your shipping needs.
  • No need to hunt for boxes of a specific design and size when we’ve got what you need, ranging from our smallest stock size (J-6) 6”x 4”x 3” up to our largest size(J-57) 26” x 18” x 13”.
  • As always, if you don’t see the exact size or shape that you need, we will customize boxes to your exact specifications. Contact us or call (800)723-2034.

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