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Pizza Circles

If you own a restaurant that serves pizza, you know how important it is to provide your customers with a quality product every time. We won’t offer you suggestions on your secret recipe, but we can ensure that your pizza pies get to your customers easily. We do this by providing you with those handy corrugated pizza circles. Like little Frisbees you can toss around, our pizza circles are fun and ready to go.

  • Our pizza circles are a great tool to help you easily transport pizzas from your kitchen to the table in your restaurant.
  • An easy alternative to the typical metal pizza trays, cardboard pizza circles are better at absorbing heat. Your servers will appreciate the gesture as they carry piping hot pizza from oven to table.
  • For young pizza eaters and pizza parties, our pizza circles won’t burn little hands like metal can.
  • Save time! Forget washing metal circles—our corrugated pizza circles are disposable.
  • Questions on our products or want us to sample your pizza? Contact us.

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