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Bubble Wrap

Kids love to pop it and adults love to pack with it. Bubble wrap is the smart way to pack.

  • Shipping and packing. Bubble wrap is the perfect way to protect valuables and sensitive items from damage during transport.
  • Protect produce: Keep fruits and veggies from getting bruised and going bad too quickly by lining the bottom of your refrigerator bins with bubble wrap. Bonus: No more wiping down bins—just replace the wrap every few weeks!
  • Trendy Style secret: Sponge painting? That’s so yesterday! For the latest texturizing technique, coat the surface of bubble wrap with paint and press onto any surface you like—from a wooden dresser to the wall!
  • Nifty bath pillow: Who knew? For a more relaxing soak, fold a few sheets of bubble wrap into a pillow shape and tape together. Voila! A waterproof cushion; just unwrap and allow to dry in order to reuse!
  • Pop away stress! Pop those bubbles and feel the anger, stress and tension float away!

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